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Translation: Wanshanronpin ♬

I really wanted to know what this song was about so I decided to translate it :D
I just translated the part he sings, not the "humbahumba" part. It's too difficult to read haha
My japanese is far away from good so there totally might be some mistakes, feel free to point them out!
There are also parts I didn't get.
Note: Maru played a lot with the pronounciation of the word "隆(ryuu / high, noble)", the first kanji in his given name.
Example: あげ隆 -> あげる. I wrote them romanized as "ageru" and not "ageryuu", he sings it more as "ageru" anyways :P
When I noticed this, I really had to smile. Using his name kanji really makes it his song, doesn't it?
(Subaru plays too much with words in his song so I won't translate it haha 8D )

Maruyama Ryuhei - Wanshanronpin

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Please don't claim them as yours, but you don't need to credit me or something
Just spread the Maru love :D